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Kickstarter Std.

Kickstarter Std.

Part No. BM13988


USD 15,20

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Fits to:
  • Baotian BT49QT-9-10"
  • Baotian BT49QT-9-R3 12"
  • Baotian City BT49QT-20A2
  • Baotian Classic BT49QT-11 10"
  • Baotian Classic Sport BT49QT-7 12"
  • Baotian Classic Sport BT50QT-9O3 12"
  • Baotian Diablo BT49QT-20C4
  • Baotian Eagle BT49QT-9F3-12"
  • Baotian Rebel BT50QT-12C-12"
  • Baotian Rocky BT49QT-12E1
  • Baotian Super Moto BT49QT-9S3
  • Baotian Wolf BT49QT-12P1